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Welcome to Little Leo’s Nursery Autumn term newsletter. All new children are settling well. If your child still seems anxious try not to worry. For some of them it is their first time of being  left, but once they get used to the nursery, the other children and staff, it will not be long before they are happy to be left at nursery. Each child is an individual and will settle in their own time. If you have any worries or concerns, please do not hesitate to discuss with your child’s key person, any staff in your child’s room, or myself.


It has been such a busy start to this term. The Nursery is steadily growing and with your lovely recommendations we have seen friends of friends visiting and taking up spaces. So thank you for recommending us.


Some of you will already know that Siobhan will be going on maternity leave from this Friday. She has been with us since April 2011. I am sure you would like to join me in wishing Siobhan the very best for the future. We will be holding internal interviews to cover Siobhan’s Team Leader position and will let you know of the outcome.


We are also pleased to announce and welcome the following staff who have joined Little Leo’s Nursery in the last few months. Farhana has a BA in Early Years Studies and has joined the Holly Berries team. Rianne, is our Apprentice, studying for her Level 3, currently based in Holly Berries, but will be utilised in all rooms


Our Ethos focuses around Play which is vital for children. It is literally through play that babies and young children learn, grow and have fun. It helps them understand the world and to develop socially and emotionally. Through the ‘Early Years Foundation Stage’ we will be thinking about what your child loves doing and choosing play activities that suit your child best. This will ensure that your child develops at their own individual pace.


More information is available on  if you require further information

on the framework; and you could speak with myself or Debbie.


Eileen Heron will continue as our Barnet Early Years Advisor who will be visiting and helping us to manage and further develop the quality provision at Little Leo’s in line with the requirements from Ofsted.


We recognise the importance of a strong partnership with parents this is essential to ensure that the nursery provides a happy caring environment for the children to thrive in and grow. Therefore this term, Eileen will be coming in to our staff meeting on 14th November, to run an interactive session on staff and parent communication.


The nursery will also be looking at ways to give the children more opportunities to learn about the local environment and other places. We are particularly interested in and recognise the importance of intergeneration, which has been in the media lately, as helping to promote mutual respect and understanding between the ages, along with local trips out . If any parents have any time that they can offer to help with trips or to come in and read a story or do an activity with the children at your convenience, it would be greatly appreciated






Breakfast -: if you wish for your child to have breakfast, please can you ensure that they arrive on time for breakfast which is between 8.00-9.00am,(unless you have booked an early start 7.30am)


Buggies – Can parents / carers please fold up your buggies and place in the buggy shed.


Spare clothes – Can you please ensure that your child has a spare set of clothes with their name written in them


Contact Photos – We still have parents who have not provided us with photos. It is important we have these to ensure that all staff are familiar with who is permitted to collect your child.


Absent - If your child is going to be absent from nursery, please ring in the morning and let us know. Also ring and let us know if you are going to be late and your child requires lunch (lunch is at 12.00noon)


Office          020 8211 3119


Children’s belongings – Parents, please limit extra toys brought into nursery, as we do not accept responsibility if they are lost or broken.


Birth Certificates

Please can we remind all Parents to provide a copy of their children’s birth certificate if they have not already done so



Nursery Hours – We would like to remind you that our core hours are 8am – 6pm.

We understand that sometimes with traffic you can arrive at the Nursery prior to 8am, which is not a problem as long as you stay with your child until 8am.  You will see some children already in the Nursery prior to 8am without their Parents and this will be because their Parents have paid for an early start and we have arranged for staff accordingly.  We currently also have some children where Parents have paid for a late finish so whilst we have staff working after 6pm if you have not paid for a Late finish and you are late collecting your child there will be a late collection fee applied of £10.00 per 15 minutes or part thereof.





Rosh Hashana



Remembrance Sunday

St Andrew’s Day








Faranak – Working towards Level 4, Leadership and Management


Melissa – Working towards Level 2 Team Leading


Giang – Working towards Level 3 in Childcare


Keanna – Completing her Level 2 and going on to Level 3


Riannne – Working towards Level 3




Courses booked waiting confirmation


Developing Vocabulary in learners with English as a second language

Developing motor skills in the early years

Terrific two year olds

Nought to walk

Team Leading

Delivering high quality EYFS

Supporting positive behaviour


Outdoor play

Communication and language development

Schemas of well being

Loose parts and open ended play

Block play

Ages and stages child development and secure attachments

Maths throughout the environment

Everyday Technology

Moderate judgements in 3-4yr olds






Coffee “On the Go ‘’                  This appears to be working well, so we will be

                                                               Running this on a weekly basis a different day

                                                               each week  


Parents Evening                         7th & 8th November – please see your child’s

                                                                Key person for more details


Photographer                           21st November – 8am – 11.25. If you do not want your child to have their photo taken please speak to a member of staff in your child’s room. Also if it’s not your child’s day, you are welcome to come along during the above time, letting the staff know.


Christmas Party                                   12th December 2.30. Parents are invited for a drink/ buffet at 3.15. Father Christmas will arrive at 3.45. Children not in on that day are invited from 2.30 accompanied by a parent/carer. If anyone has any unwanted gifts that they can donate for the raffle we would be grateful. More information to follow


Christmas Lunch                                 The children’s christimas lunch will be on 19th

                                                     December for those children in on the day



The Nursery will close for Christmas on Friday 22nd December 2017 (last day) and reopens on Tuesday 2nd January 2018.



Current List Of Staff


Athena Koukoutas                       Nursery Manager / Senior Designated Professional/ Health                                                                                             and Safety Officer


Debbie Richardson                      Deputy Manager / SENCO Co-ordinator, Deputy Designated

                                                   Professional Behaviour Management Advisor


Siobhan Murphy                         Third in Charge – going on Maternity Leave


Cherry Blossom Room


Faranak Shabbak                         Early Years Practitioner Job Share Team Leader


Hayley Wood                                Early Years Practitioner Job Share Team Leader


Maria Nicolas                                Early Years Practitioner


Dilan Arslan                                  Early Years Practitioner


Giang Tran                                    Early Years Apprentice



Holly Berries Room


Siobhan Murphy                           Team Leader Equal Opportunities Officer                                                                                                                               

Farhana Ali                                    Early Years Practitioner


Melissa Allegro                              Early Years Practitioner


Georgina Georgiou                         Early Years Practitioner


Little Buds Room


Ashlee McCarthy                        Team Leader                                      


Serina Green                              Early Years Practitioner


Keanna Theodoulou                    Early Years Apprentice


Nursery Support Staff


Rianne Felix-Linch                     Early Years Apprentice


Roxana Hayfavi                          Nursery Housekeeper



I have attached two articles of interest. Helping children with their behaviour and Ten ways to help me learn to talk


Kind Regards


Athena Koukoutas

Nursery Manager